One way to build your skills and resources is to connect with other colleagues. Many organizations provide listserves that allow users to query each other and to share information.

  • EPA Mailing Lists provide useful news and announcements on a variety environmental topics and workgroups. Many of these lists are open to the public while other lists require membership approval.
  • "Scuttlebutt", the Bridge discussion list, provides a forum for marine educators to talk informally about marine education ideas, issues, and questions.
  • WaterEducatorsUSA was established to facilitate discussion about water education resources and developments. Other related issues can also be raised and discussed. Environmental educators, watershed managers, and natural resource professionals responsible for outreach may be interested in information provided to list subscribers.
  • Water Resources Discussion Lists are topical electronic forums compiled by the Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library.

As we learn about other list serves that may interest you, we'll list them here. If you want to recommend a list serve, please send information to wateroutreach@uwex.edu.



These links provide e-newsletter subscriptions. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page if you'd like to add an e-newsletter resource to the database or search this web site for a topic-specific e-newsletter.

  • eLeader is a Know Your Watershed (CTIC) newsletter written for local partnerships containing pertinent websites, educational materials and funding sources.
  • EPA Newsletters offers information produced by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Volunteer Monitor newsletter facilitates the exchange of ideas, monitoring methods, and practical advice among volunteer environmental monitoring groups across the nation.
  • WaterNews is a weekly on-line publication that announces publications, policies, and activities of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water.
  • The Watershed Post, Institute of Water Research, Michigan State University, provides information on projects related to natural resources and technology throughout the state of Michigan.

To add an e-newsletter to the Water Outreach Education database, first choose "Submit a Resource" from the home page. Proceed through the entry process to add your resource.

You may search for a relevant e-newsletter by first choosing a Water Management Topic from the navigation bar. Then search that topic area by choosing, "Refine your results by resource type" and choosing "e-newsletter". If no listing appears for "e-newsletter" it indicates that an e-newsletter has not yet been added for that topic area.